Care & Maintenance Outdoor Fabric Range

How to Clean and Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning Cushions
Spills on your outdoor fabric are easily handled with soapy water; most spills wipe off effortlessly with a cloth or tissue due to the fabric's high resistance. If your set accumulates dirt or mildew after winter, use a high-pressure washer followed by our specially formulated cleaning kit to rejuvenate it. 

Stubborn Stains
For tough stains, create a mixture of 150ml bleach, 40ml mild soap, and 2 liters of water. Apply promptly and rinse thoroughly.

After cleaning or rainfall, air dry the sofa. Drying time varies based on weather conditions, humidity, and sunlight exposure.

Aluminium Frame Care
Clean aluminium frames with warm soapy water and a sponge. Frames dry within an hour.

Ceramic Tempered Glass Maintenance
Clean glass with warm soapy water, then polish with a separate damp cloth. Allow to dry naturally.

Fire Pit System Care
To ensure longevity:
- Keep exterior surfaces clean with warm soapy water.
- Inspect burners before use for proper function.
- Clear burner and air vents from obstructions.
- Use compressed air to clear away smaller particles.
- Check regulator attachment and condition of hoses.
- Disconnect fire pit from gas bottle when not in use.
- Store glass surround safely when table is not in use.

**Note:** Always wait until the fire pit is fully cooled before storing or covering it.

Experience hassle-free outdoor enjoyment with our maintenance tips.