Corten Steel Product Care

Product Care

The ADEZZ Corten Steel Fire Bowl will arrive un-rusted (blue steel) or part rusted. Once exposed to the elements the Corten Steel will naturally weather, this is known as the 'weathering process' (see thumbnail images). Throughout the weathering process, please be aware that there will be 'run-off' from the Corten Steel that can cause staining.

After several months a protective layer of rust will form that is a natural orange-brown colour, this fixed coating will provide the Fire Bowl with protection against further corrosion.

Please unpack the Corten Steel Fire Bowl immediately after delivery so that any moisture between the packaging and the Corten Steel Fire Bowl does not remain sealed. Failure to do so will result in irregular rust and stains.

Heating advice

Start the fire with firelighters with small pieces of dry wood placed on top. Once the fire is burning clearly, you can gradually increase the fire with logs (Kiln dried or seasoned hardwood is the best wood for a fire pit).