PayPal Credit - Buy Now, Pay Later

PayPal Credit

If you are considering making a purchase but do not have the funds right now, PayPal financing might be right for you. Paypal can offer 4 months interest free credit.

Paypal offers one of the best financing programs and is a recognised leader in financing. PayPal is offering customers of Alfresco Heat financing on any purchase over £99.

To check if you qualify, simply checkout as normal on our site and then sign up for PayPal credit, or go to and apply on their website. You'll usually get a decision quickly, often within minutes and you will be able to complete your purchase straight away.

Why use PayPal Credit?

  • No Interest Charged, providing you pay in full within 4 months.
  • Safe and Secure Financing. PayPal is a world leader in finance.
  • Easy Sign Up. Just a few clicks and you're done! 

Is Financing For You?

Maybe consider a financing option, if you are confident to pay the full amount within 4 months. Otherwise, you will incur interest on your outstanding balance that can add up quickly.

To Apply for PayPal Credit Follow These Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Login or create an account with PayPal and complete the PayPal Credit application

Step 2

Once approved you will have a credit limit linked to your PayPal account.

Step 3

You can now make your purchase using the PayPal option at checkout. 


Once your PayPal Credit account is approved, PayPal Credit will pay us directly for your purchase. They will provide you with a four month, interest free repayment period, you have no minimum monthly payments. In theory, you can defer payments for four months. You are able to pay any amount each month during the first four months. At the end of the fourth month, the remaining balance will be subject to 19.9%APR (Variable).

*Subject to credit acceptance